Management Team

Stephen Burnett

Stephen Burnett, P.Eng.


Stephen has extensive experience in project management, environmental assessment, water, wastewater infrastructure design and system assessments, waste management, municipal building design, and capital planning and contract administration. Over the past 20 years, he has provided engineering services and expert advice to Municipal and First Nation clients in these areas of expertise.

As the Principal of SBA, Stephen can provide timely and accurate responses to your questions related to technical administrative matters and his field of expertise. Your lead is our lead so you won’t wait to get the answers or responses that you deserve in a timely fashion. He is very experienced in examining services based on capital cost, operation and maintenance, life cycle analysis, environmental concerns, future expandability and public input so that municipalities can plan for the long term. Stephen will act as the Lead for the Engineering Team, providing clear and concise direction to each member to ensure that the expert advice is provided in the most cost effective manner possible.

Dave Dagenais

David Dagenais, A.Sc.T.

General Manager

David is a Senior Design and Construction Technologist within the areas of water and wastewater treatment and municipal infrastructure design and construction. His 25+ years of experience span many projects within municipal and First Nation environments throughout Ontario and the western provinces.

David’s experience includes various projects involving assessments, approvals, specification document preparation and contract administration for infrastructure, roadway reconstruction, commissioning, start-up and performance testing operations management. He has clients within the public and private sector and has considerable experience working with Municipalities. David was the Public Works Director for the Town of Chapleau and is very aware of a town’s engineering needs. At SBA, David provides senior technical support on various types of infrastructure projects including the co-ordination, design review, technical report preparation and O&M maintenance manuals. He has applied his expertise in a number of areas including projects involving water supply, treatment, storage and distribution; wastewater collection and treatment; pumping stations, including the assessment of existing infrastructure assets. David will support Stephen to ensure the continuation of timely and expert opinions during times of illness, vacationing, etc. As SBA’s QA/QC reviewer, David is always versed in all aspects of SBA’s ongoing project files.

Peter Luce, P.Eng., B.Sc.

Senior Project Manager, First Nations

Peter Luce is a Senior Project Manager and Client Liaison and has extensive experience in project management, environmental and capital planning and engineering for First Nation projects. Project experience over the past thirty (30) years includes planning, detailed design, implementation and operation and maintenance.

Peter has worked exclusively with First Nation communities over the past twenty (20) years and has assisted them with improving their communities through better environmental management, infrastructure systems, and economic development. He is familiar with the environmental regulations in Canada at both the Provincial and Federal level with related experience in over fifty (50) First Nation communities in Ontario. Peter is very familiar with the First Nation communities and will provide the necessary understanding of the issues and concerns that the communities face.

Lisa Masson, B.Sc.

Environmental Management Professional

Lisa is an environmental management professional with specialized expertise in the areas of project management, environmental assessment, community energy planning and funding opportunity management. This combination of skills enables her to successfully identify and seize opportunities to secure funding from a variety of sources, and for a variety of project types, on behalf of our clients.

Lisa has successfully identified and secured funds for a multitude of projects ranging from small-scale community-based projects to multi-million dollar infrastructure projects.

Lisa has also successfully completed numerous Environmental Assessments (EAs) under both the federal and provincial EA processes. Lisa has considerable expertise in managing stakeholder relations, including addressing and responding to stakeholder and public concerns and inquiries. Lisa also has considerable contract administration and site inspection experience, including the provision of site supervision services and management of contractor’s issues and claims.

Technical Team

Sharam Zavieh

Shahram Zavieh, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.

Structural Engineer

Shahram is a dedicated and accomplished structural engineer with more than 18 years of work experience mostly in concrete design and bridge and overpasses in Canada.

Shahram is highly skilled in providing technical expertise and overseeing contractors and consultants to ensure their work is in compliance with engineering standards and applicable codes, legal requirements, project specifications, and government policies and regulations. He has exceptional leadership skills, including a talent for finding more cost effective approaches to engineering problems and managing quality assurance. He also has excellent knowledge of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) and experience in Ontario Structural Inspection Manual (OSIM) inspection and reporting, project risk identification and mitigation, planning reviews, specifications and contract drawings and extensive experience in the condition assessment, design, construction, inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges and roads, site and other transportation structures. Shahram is also involved in the design, inspection and construction of major projects with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), local Municipals in Ontario and other provinces.

Bulent Uslu

Bulent Uslu, E.I.T.

Civil Engineering CAD Designer

Bulent is an Environmental Engineer (EIT) with more than 18 years of professional experience, in Canada since 2013. He has proven ability in many facets of environmental and infrastructure projects.

Bulent’s experience includes wastewater management, sewage systems, solid waste management, road and bridge infrastructure, design projects in Turkey, Middle East, EU and Canada. His global experience is invaluable: feasibility studies to detailed engineering, due diligence and consultancy for civil and municipal infrastructure, environmental and renewable energy projects.

Bulent has extensive and varied computer skills, coupling scientific design accuracy with professional presentation. He has an expert level of proficiency with all office applications: Civil 3D, Microstation, SewerCAD, HEC-RAS, Land Desktop, EPANET and WaterCAD.

Bulent has vast experience in engineering as well as in related legal and financial project aspects, such as cost estimates, budget planning, project management monitoring and control and preparation of tender documents.

His specific qualifications and capabilities include:

  • Linear municipal infrastructure projects such as water, wastewater projects
  • Solid waste management studies from feasibility to implementation design for landfill
  • Preparation of financial analysis, tender documents and technical specifications
  • Lead and participation of technical, sales and business development meetings, planning, forecast and “lessons learned” sessions
  • Liaison with clients and other consultants, relations management for financial and marketing subjects,
  • Project planning, bid and budget preparation and management,
  • Up-to-date with best industrial practices and a commitment to value engineering principles
Terrance Gole

Terrance Gole, B.Sc., EMA – EPt.

Environmental Management Professional

Terrance is a registered environmental management professional who is well versed with regulations at both the Provincial and Federal level.

Throughout the past fifteen years Terrance has performed environmental services for federal, municipal, institutional and international clients in the areas of environmental assessments, water treatment feasibility studies, waste management, site assessment and water quality testing, as well as contract administration and tender development. His diverse experience enables him to provide a variety of environmental and project management services.

Maureen Froese

Maureen Froese, B.A.Sc.

Municipal Infrastructure Management Specialist

Maureen is a municipal infrastructure management specialist with an engineering degree, and a background in water resources and environmental engineering. Maureen’s responsibilities at S. Burnett & Associates Limited include preliminary design and permitting, computerized detailed design, contract administration and site inspection.

Maureen is also integral in environmental monitoring and reporting projects, conducting environmental site assessments, completing Certificates of Approval, site sampling and remediation projects. Her previous experience working for government organizations has given her an excellent understanding of the quality of service desired as a client. Maureen is one of SBA’s senior inspectors and has in-depth knowledge of water treatment and water and wastewater infrastructure installation including site plan and grading plans, stormwater and sewer management, site development and detailed building and infrastructure design and construction. Maureen keeps up-to-date on construction and inspection standards as she assists with the development of technical drawings that require preliminary conceptual and/or detailed design.”

Jake Wicks

Jake Wicks, B.Sc.

Environmental Management Professional

Jake is an environmental engineer in training and has demonstrated his abilities through open-ended multi-faceted design problems. He brings valuable technical experience in the field of environmental engineering, specializing in water and wastewater design with experience in structural assessments and computer programming.

Jake has previously provided structural expertise on municipal assets in accordance to OSIM regulations. Furthermore, he also has experience in cost estimations for bridges and culverts, managing large information databases, creating structural engineering drawings and providing professional project management.

Jake has assisted in the development of our in-house computer program that allows SBA to upload previous assessments for field staff reference and easy input of updated data and visual inspections. Jake’s technical responsibilities at SBA include spreadsheet calculations, drawing preparation, technical memorandums, reports and cost estimates. He also brings knowledge of softer skills to SBA that include project management and site inspections.

Amber Dewar

Amber Dewar, B.Eng.

Civil and Building Project Coordinator

Amber has both education and experience in structural and environmental engineering, with an emphasis on sustainability. Amber specializes in building project coordination as well as energy planning.

Amber’s responsibilities at SBA include project coordination, project management, contract administration, on-site inspection services, data analysis and collection, energy planning, client liaison and drawing and report preparation. Amber’s unique set of experiences has allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of the engineering process. This understanding ensures excellent communication between the client, consultant and contractor, which guarantees an outstanding client experience and final product.

Daniel Schmidt

Daniel Schmidt

Environmental Technician

Daniel continues to strengthen his foundation in the engineering and project management field with a heavy focus on detail design and contract administration. A team member on countless projects at SBA, Daniel’s cumulative experience resolving a wide variety of project-related obstacles has shaped him into a well-rounded asset for each successive project.

Since joining the SBA team in early 2013, Daniel has had many roles and responsibilities including: performing on-site field investigations, conducting full and part time site inspections, technical report writing, acting as a lead and assistant project designer, gathering construction quantities and cost estimates and as a project liaison. Daniel is currently in the process of obtaining his C. Tech certification from OACETT.

Dillon Bickell

Dillon Bickell

Civil Engineering Technologist

Dillon is a recent graduate of the Civil Engineering Technology Program at Georgian College. During his schooling he learned the fundamentals in building design and construction, road and infrastructure design and construction, site drainage, project estimation, and contract law as well as considerable drafting and design knowledge in AutoCAD.

Dillon’s responsibilities at S. Burnett & Associates Limited include drafting and design with AutoCAD, as well as technical assistance in areas such as data collection, design calculations and report and application writing. He has previous project experience in AutoCAD design of residential septic systems, structural details and topographic map marking along with experience with applications on the Federal and Provincial level.

Tara Dell

Tara Dell, B.A., E.Pt.

Environmental Management Professional

Tara is an environmental management professional with experience in project management, environmental assessments, environmental site assessments, funding opportunity management and permitting and approvals. She has a background in geography and environmental management and assessment.

Tara has a wide range of research, computer and analytical skills with knowledge in environmental impact and risk assessments, environmental laws and regulations and environmental compliance. She has assisted with the preparation of funding applications as well as with Environmental Assessments under both the federal and provincial EA processes. Tara’s responsibilities at SBA include project management, reviewing/researching information, project calculations, permitting and approvals, report preparation and proposal development.

Bahram Zamani

Bahram Zamani, C.Tech., B.Sc.

Senior Structural Technician

Bahram is a Senior Structural Technician with 11+ years of experience in Ontario within the areas of Transportation, Residential and industrial, such as Overpass & Culvert, TTC stations & Platforms, Bridge & Highway, and also 5 years Foundation Design experience in Oil & Gas industry.

Bahram’s experience includes various projects involving design and preparation from municipality to transportation, residential to industrial. His skills and expertise with AutoCAD and MicroStation allow him to convert drawings from AutoCAD to Microstation which he has done for sixteen City of Brampton bridge and culvert rehabilitations.

He has inspected and created condition survey drawings for various rehabilitations to TTC Stations and platforms in addition to design of Support Of Excavation (SOE) for TTC Stations, and working with MTO standard for the structural design of overhead signs in Windsor (Essex Parkway).

Bahram is familiar with following engineering computer software programmes: AutoCAD, Microstation, Civil 3D, Revit Architectural and ProjectWise.

Sarah Bruggeman

Sarah Bruggeman, B. Sc., G.I.T.

Environmental Geoscientist in training

Sarah is a Geoscientist in training with a demonstrated ability in environmental management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Sarah’s experience includes hydrogeology, project management, site assessment, soil science, and GIS management.

Administrative Team

Tracy O'Hare

Tracy O’Hare


With more than 25 years experience in accounting, Tracy manages the accounting department and oversees all accounts receivables and payables with ease.

Jaclyn Pouw

Jaclyn Pouw

Administrative Assistant

Jaclyn is the Administrative Assistant who brings 8 years experience in administrative work in the engineering field. Jaclyn assists staff and supports management in the office, as well as being on hand to receive and greet clients.

Laura Squires

Laura Squires

Administrative Assistant

Laura is our part-time Administrative Assistant and her duties include data entry and general office duties.