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4-Est Holdings – Site and Grading Plan

Client Name:

4-Est. Holdings Inc.

Client Sector:

Private Sector

Service Sector:

Land Development


August 2010 to August 2011


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Project Description: Site and Grading Plan

S. Burnett & Associates Ltd. (SBA) had been retained to prepare a site grading plan for 4-Est Holdings Inc. which would include grading and elevations.  The site plan for Phase 1 of the project will not only be for the proposed development but will also ensure future phases are possible and planned appropriately.  This includes the building placement on the lot to accommodate both future expansions as well as the necessary clearance for trucks to enter the building.

SBA also coordinated the completion of a geotechnical soils report to determine the soil bearing capacity in the area of the proposed buildings.  Upon completion of the geotechnical soils report, SBA went on to complete the footing and pier design.  SBA also provided engineering services regarding the site plan application form, filling it out and providing any and all necessary supporting documents.

SBA successfully completed this project in collaboration with Frey Building Contractors, 4-Est Holdings Inc., government agencies and non-government agencies.