Management Team

Stephen Burnett

Stephen Burnett, P.Eng.


Stephen has extensive experience in project management, environmental assessment, water, wastewater infrastructure design and system assessments, waste management, municipal building design, and capital planning and contract administration. Over the past 20 years, he has provided engineering services and expert advice to Municipal and First Nation clients in these areas of expertise.

As the Principal of SBA, Stephen can provide timely and accurate responses to your questions related to technical administrative matters and his field of expertise. Your lead is our lead so you won’t wait to get the answers or responses that you deserve in a timely fashion. He is very experienced in examining services based on capital cost, operation and maintenance, life cycle analysis, environmental concerns, future expandability and public input so that municipalities can plan for the long term. Stephen will act as the Lead for the Engineering Team, providing clear and concise direction to each member to ensure that the expert advice is provided in the most cost effective manner possible.


David Dagenais, A.Sc.T.

General Manager

David is a Senior Design and Construction Technologist within the areas of water and wastewater treatment and municipal infrastructure design and construction. His 25+ years of experience span many projects within municipal and First Nation environments throughout Ontario and the western provinces.

David’s experience includes various projects involving assessments, approvals, specification document preparation and contract administration for infrastructure, roadway reconstruction, commissioning, start-up and performance testing operations management. He has clients within the public and private sector and has considerable experience working with Municipalities. David was the Public Works Director for the Town of Chapleau and is very aware of a town’s engineering needs. At SBA, David provides senior technical support on various types of infrastructure projects including the co-ordination, design review, technical report preparation and O&M maintenance manuals. He has applied his expertise in a number of areas including projects involving water supply, treatment, storage and distribution; wastewater collection and treatment; pumping stations, including the assessment of existing infrastructure assets. David will support Stephen to ensure the continuation of timely and expert opinions during times of illness, vacationing, etc. As SBA’s QA/QC reviewer, David is always versed in all aspects of SBA’s ongoing project files.

Peter Luce, B.Sc., P.Eng.

Senior Project Manager & Business Development

Peter Luce is a Senior Project Manager and Client Liaison and has extensive experience in project management, environmental and capital planning and engineering for First Nation projects. Project experience over the past thirty (30) years includes planning, detailed design, implementation and operation and maintenance.

Peter has worked exclusively with First Nation communities over the past twenty (20) years and has assisted them with improving their communities through better environmental management, infrastructure systems, and economic development. He is familiar with the environmental regulations in Canada at both the Provincial and Federal level with related experience in over fifty (50) First Nation communities in Ontario. Peter is very familiar with the First Nation communities and will provide the necessary understanding of the issues and concerns that the communities face.

Lisa Johnson, B.Sc., EP

Environmental Project Manager

Lisa is an environmental management professional with specialized expertise in the areas of project management, environmental assessment, community energy planning and funding opportunity management. This combination of skills enables her to successfully identify and seize opportunities to secure funding from a variety of sources, and for a variety of project types, on behalf of our clients.

Lisa has successfully identified and secured funds for a multitude of projects ranging from small-scale community-based projects to multi-million dollar infrastructure projects.

Lisa has also successfully completed numerous Environmental Assessments (EAs) under both the federal and provincial EA processes. Lisa has considerable expertise in managing stakeholder relations, including addressing and responding to stakeholder and public concerns and inquiries. Lisa also has considerable contract administration and site inspection experience, including the provision of site supervision services and management of contractor’s issues and claims.

Technical Team

Sharam Zavieh

Shahram Zavieh, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Structural Engineer

Shahram is a dedicated and accomplished structural engineer with more than 18 years of work experience mostly in concrete design and bridge and overpasses in Canada.

Shahram is highly skilled in providing technical expertise and overseeing contractors and consultants to ensure their work is in compliance with engineering standards and applicable codes, legal requirements, project specifications, and government policies and regulations. He has exceptional leadership skills, including a talent for finding more cost effective approaches to engineering problems and managing quality assurance. He also has excellent knowledge of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) and experience in Ontario Structural Inspection Manual (OSIM) inspection and reporting, project risk identification and mitigation, planning reviews, specifications and contract drawings and extensive experience in the condition assessment, design, construction, inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges and roads, site and other transportation structures. Shahram is also involved in the design, inspection and construction of major projects with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), local Municipals in Ontario and other provinces.

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan, M.Sc., P.E. (CA, USA)

Structural Designer

A licensed Professional Engineer in California and a now structural engineering specialist at SBA, Jamie has over seven years of project experience in building design and construction from California and New Zealand.

She has provided structural designs for residential, commercial, healthcare, and institutional buildings amidst complex project constraints. As a result, Jamie is highly skilled in delivering efficient structural solutions, using a focused attention to detail, clear communication, and an awareness of meeting clients’ expectations. She also has experience working with contractors in the field during construction, answering queries and reviewing work for compliance, and performing site inspections for building condition evaluation.

Greg Bak

Gregory Bak, B.A.Sc., P.Eng. (ON & AB)

Process Engineer

Greg is a chemical engineer with over nine years of process design experience in utilities and offsites throughout all phases of the project lifecycle from conceptual through front-end engineering design and construction.

His experience includes various projects involving PFD and P&ID development, design review, equipment sizing and specification, heat and material balances, hydraulic calculations, instrument and control valve sizing, control narratives, design pressure / design temperature analysis, process and energy optimization studies, cost reduction studies, utility summaries, technical report preparation, change management, HAZID, HAZOP, project management, and construction turnover.

He has applied his process design experience in a number of areas including projects involving air, cooling water, natural and fuel gas, power generation (gas and steam turbines), steam generation, BFW, utility water, potable water, glycol, demineralized water, condensate, firewater, flare, interconnecting piping, loading/unloading, tankage and storage, natural gas liquids (NGL), liquefied natural gas (LNG), oil sands mining and upgrading, and polypropylene systems mainly in western Canada.

Daymar Creary

Daymar Creary, B.Sc., P.E.

Civil & Environmental Engineer

Daymar is a civil and environmental engineer with over nine (9) years of applied design and project management experience. He is a reliable and resourceful professional with the demonstrated ability to implement innovative engineering solutions in the civil and environmental engineering industries.

With his diverse involvement in consulting engineering, contract administration and site supervision, Daymar is experienced in stormwater management designs, geotechnical works, highway engineering, structural analysis and water and wastewater system designs. He is also knowledgeable of environmental, safety and quality control philosophies in the construction industry, and is able to apply construction methodologies and building codes consistent with Canadian standards.

He has applied his experience in a number of areas including: hydraulic modelling of water and wastewater systems, structural assessment of commercial and residential developments, subdivision planning, design and implementation and highway design and construction supervision.

Terrance Gole

Terrance Gole, H.B.Sc., EMA, EP

Environmental Project Manager

Terrance is a registered environmental management professional who is well versed with regulations at both the Provincial and Federal level.

Throughout the past fifteen years Terrance has performed environmental services for federal, municipal, institutional and international clients in the areas of environmental assessments, water treatment feasibility studies, waste management, site assessment and water quality testing, as well as contract administration and tender development. His diverse experience enables him to provide a variety of environmental and project management services.

Jake Wicks

Jake Wicks, H.B.Eng.

Technical Lead

An environmental engineer in training, Jake offers specializing in water and wastewater design with experience in structural assessments and computer programming. He’s also provided structural expertise on municipal assets, and has demonstrated his engineering abilities through open-ended, multi-faceted design problems.

Jake has a proven talent in cost estimations for bridges and culverts, managing large information databases, creating structural engineering drawings and providing professional project management. He recently contributed to the development of our in-house computer program that allows our company to upload previous assessments for field staff reference and easy input of updated data and visual inspections.

Amber Dewar

Amber Dewar, B.Eng.

Project Coordinator, Civil Engineering

Amber has education and experience in both structural and environmental engineering, with an emphasis on sustainability. Amber specializes in building project coordination as well as energy planning.

Amber’s responsibilities at S. Burnett & Associates Limited include project coordination, project management, contract administration, on-site inspection services, data analysis and collection, energy planning, client liaison, and drawing and report preparation. Amber’s unique set of experiences has allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of the engineering process. This understanding ensures excellent communication between the client, consultant, and contractor, which guarantees an outstanding client experience and final product.

Daniel Schmidt

Daniel Schmidt

Civil & Environmental Technician

Daniel continues to strengthen his foundation in the engineering and project management field with a heavy focus in detail design and contract administration. As a team member of countless projects at SBA, Daniel is gaining cumulative experience for resolving a wide variety project related obstacles which is shaping him into a well-rounded asset for each successive project taken on.

Since joining the SBA team in early 2013, Daniel has had many roles and responsibilities including: performing on-site field investigations, conducting full and part time site inspections, technical report writing, acting as a lead and assistant project designer, gathering construction quantities and cost estimates, and as a project liaison. Daniel is currently in the process of obtaining his C. Tech certification from OACETT.

Diana Beattie

Diana Beattie, B.Eng.

Civil / Environmental Engineer-In-Training

Diana is an environmental engineer with a diverse background in urban water system design, environmental site assessments and environmental legislature. As an engineer in training Diana’s primary responsibilities at S. Burnett & Associates Limited include water and wastewater design and site inspections.

Harvinder Sidhu

Harvinder Sidhu, M.Sc., P.Eng.

Civil Engineer / Civil Designer

Harvinder is a civil engineer with over 17 years of design experience related to earthworks, 3D modelling, road and highway design, land development, stormwater and sewer design.

Harvinder has also worked in the oil industry including heavy civil projects with access roads, damn and tailings holding pond design, geotechnical, storm management, site development, site plans, concrete and steel design for facilities and environmental permitting and approvals. Harvinder is proficient in Civil 3D, In Roads, AutoCAD, Micro Station & Culvert Master and brings this software design experience to compliment SBA’s water and wastewater design team.

Troy Gopal

Troy Gopal

Civil Engineering Technologist / AutoCAD Designer

Troy is a Civil Engineering Technologist with experience with AutoCAD, Microstation and Civil 3D. In addition to design, Troy’s responsibilities at SBA include site inspection and supervision on site plan, subdivision, sewer, watermain and road construction projects.

Bright Asirifi

Bright Asirifi

Civil Engineering Technologist

Bright is a Civil Engineering Technologist with experience in construction inspection, geotechnical investigations, infrastructure planning and is also proficient in AutoCAD 2D and 3D applications. His responsibilities at SBA include construction administration and construction inspection, as well as AutoCAD design.

Tara Dell

Tara Dell, B.A., EP

Environmental Management Professional

Tara is an environmental management professional with experience in project management, environmental assessments, environmental site assessments, funding opportunity management and permitting and approvals. She has a background in geography and environmental management and assessment.

Tara has a wide range of research, computer and analytical skills with knowledge in environmental impact and risk assessments, environmental laws and regulations and environmental compliance. She has assisted with the preparation of funding applications as well as with Environmental Assessments under both the federal and provincial EA processes. Tara’s responsibilities at SBA include project management, reviewing/researching information, project calculations, permitting and approvals, report preparation and proposal development.

Sarah Bruggeman

Sarah Bruggeman, H.B.Sc., GIT

Environmental Geoscientist in training

Sarah is a Geoscientist in training with a demonstrated ability in environmental management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Sarah’s experience includes hydrogeology, project management, site assessment, soil science, and GIS management.

Sarah Luce

Sarah Luce, B.Eng., M.A.Sc.

Project Coordinator, Environmental Engineering

Sarah is an environmental project coordinator with a background in environmental engineering and management. Sarah has experience in water and wastewater engineering, environmental pollution management, physical geography and sustainable energy planning and design. Her responsibilities at S. Burnett & Associates Limited include project coordination and management in community energy planning.

Lori McLean

Lori McLean, B.A.; EGOV, ID

Environmental Planner, Project Coordinator

Lori has a background in Environmental Governance with knowledge in environmental planning and risk assessment, giving her the ability to analyse the interrelationships between the physical and human aspects of the earth. Lori is part of the S. Burnett and Associates Limited’s ACEP team, and her responsibilities include coordinating projects, data analysis and evaluation, researching, and report preparation. Through these experiences, Lori has a thorough understanding of the requirements for delivering successful environmental research and management projects.

Administrative Team

Tracy O'Hare

Tracy O’Hare


With more than 25 years experience in accounting, Tracy manages the accounting department and oversees all accounts receivables and payables with ease.

Jaclyn Pouw

Jaclyn Pouw-Dagenais, BFA

Administrative Coordinator

Jaclyn is the Administrative Coordinator for SBA, responsible for assisting staff and supporting management in the office. She has years of experience in administrative work in the engineering field, as well as a background in creative arts. Her responsibilities include office administration, marketing and promotional, human resources, clerical duties as well as being on hand to receive and greet clients.

Laura Squires

Laura Squires

Environmental Technical Assistant

Laura is an environmental technical assistant, bringing experience in administration and a background in communications. She has a wide range of skills varying from data analysis to a proficiency in all Microsoft and Adobe programs. Laura’s responsibilities at SBA include report preparation, data review and analysis and the development of community engagement materials.

Ashley Cleaveley

Ashley Cleaveley

Administrative Assistant

Ashley is an Administrative Assistant who brings 5 years experience in administrative practices in the municipal sector. Ashley is responsible for assisting and supporting all staff members as well as organization in the office.