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Big Grassy First Nation – Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Client Name:

Big Grassy First Nation

Project Name:

Big Grassy First Nation - Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Client Sector:

First Nation

Service Sector:

Water Supply, Treatment & Distribution




Big Grassy FN Community

Project Description:

SBA is in the process of completing the engineering and design work for upgrades to the Big Grassy First Nation Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Big Grassy is located on the southeast shores of Lake of the Woods while the Community is situated in the Rainy River district near Morson, Ontario. Built in 1997, the existing water treatment plant has reached the end of its 20-year design life and no longer meets the Federal and Provincial Water Regulations. A major concern with the existing facility is its inability to accommodate the surface water quality changes that are experienced throughout the seasons.

The scope of this project is to address a significant health and safety risk, in addition to obtain an appropriate and effective water treatment technology to solve the current water quality issues and provide Big Grassy First Nation community with potable water for the 20-year design period. Due to the current water plant building being in acceptable condition but significantly smaller than required, a building expansion to adhere to size requirements will be completed.

The community has been on several boil water advisories over the years of which the latest was in July 2014. This project will remove the current Boil Water Advisory currently imposed on the community by addressing deficiencies with the existing water treatment system. Once implemented, the water treatment plant will meet the requirements for drinking water systems located in Ontario and will provide a multi barrier approach, as required by the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act and in guidance with the Ten State Standards, 2012 for treatment and disinfection. Additionally, the specific design of a new WTP is intended to meet all current and future water demands, including fire flow, and will have the capabilities to handle the frequent fluctuations in raw water quality usually associated with Lake of the Woods.