At S. Burnett and Associates Limited (SBA) we greatly value our private sector or homeowner clients. We enjoy the challenge of providing them with engineering services on time and within budget. We genuinely find satisfaction in a project that has been completed for a homeowner, knowing that we have provided a service for them that will likely improve their lifestyle.”


In development, it is required that you work with multiple companies and organizations, which can be stressful. At SBA, we strive to be the company that you enjoy working with. We feel that client care should be a number one priority and we apply that to our daily work ethic.


As a business we understand that you have needs that are unique to those of a business owner, and that is why we define you as an individual client category. We recognize that you require our services to be completed in a timely manner, to allow you to continue with your business. We also understand that to help you continue with your business, SBA must maintain communication to update you on the progress


At S. Burnett and Associates Limited (SBA) we understand the wide range of needs to be met when working on institutional engineering and construction projects. We excel at maintaining communication pathways and keeping all stakeholders informed at every level of the process.

Some of our Private Sector clients include:

  • Linheath Holdings Ltd.
  • 4-Est Holdings
  • Highland Pines Campground
  • Maple Lane
  • Little John Enterprises Ltd.
  • Caledon Village
  • Mono
  • Hockley Valley