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Couchiching First Nation – Water & Wastewater Servicing Feasibility Study

Client Name:

Couchiching First Nation

Project Name:

Couchiching First Nation Water & Wastewater Servicing Feasibility Study

Client Sector:

First Nation

Service Sector:

Community Planning & Feasibility




Couchiching First Nation Community

Project Description:

S. Burnett & Associates Limited (SBA) was retained by Couchiching First Nation (CFN) to assist in the development of a water and wastewater system feasibility study. The feasibility study is required by the community to determine the best solution to maintain an effective and reliable water supply, treatment and distribution system, as well as a wastewater collection and treatment system to support future growth in the community.

The existing water and wastewater services for the community are currently provided by the Town of Fort Frances. Historically this connection has provided CFN with a reliable potable water source and wastewater treatment. However, this feasibility study was intended to consider whether the Town of Fort Frances could continue to support the anticipated growth of the community, and whether the cost implications associated with maintaining a service agreement would support implementation of standalone water and wastewater systems in CFN.

For this study, SBA reviewed the existing water and wastewater systems, while also identifying alternatives that would allow the community to provide these services at a similar capacity. SBA defined specific alternatives and provided an evaluation for each. Through this process, SBA determined the preferred water supply option which is able to provide an adequate and reliable supply of safe drinking water to the community both now and in the future while also identifying the preferred approach for treatment and conveyance of wastewater. Finally, SBA recommended the most efficient, reliable, cost effective and operator-friendly water and wastewater system alternatives based on the findings of this study to support the long-term growth of the community.