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Georgina Island First Nation – Water Treatment Plant Upgrade & Expansion

Client Name:

Georgina Island First Nation

Project Name:

Georgina Island First Nation - Water Treatment Plant Upgrade & Expansion

Client Sector:

First Nation

Service Sector:

Water Supply, Treatment & Distribution




Georgina Island

Project Description:

In 2015, SBA was contracted by Georgina Island First Nation to provide engineering services for the design and commissioning of the Water Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion Project. The original water treatment plant was constructed in 1992 and was exhibiting extensive deficiencies. As a result, the plant was no longer considered a suitable treatment technology for surface water supply based on current Ministry of the Environment, Conservation & Parks and Indigenous Services Canada guidelines. Additionally, there were concerns within the community regarding water storage capacity with local fire fighters reporting only 20-minutes of fire flow protection. The plant was close to reaching the end of its 20-year design lifespan and with a boil water advisory in place, it was apparent that significant upgrades were needed to ensure future water demands could be met and most importantly, provide clean drinking water.

The goal was to construct an expansion and upgrade the existing water treatment plant with surface water as the source. The project involved the design, construction and commissioning of a new water treatment system consisting of pre-ozonation, slow sand filtration and a 2-stage disinfection system. Performance testing has confirmed that the new system is exceeding provincial and federal regulations for water treatment. Upgrades to the intake structure and low lift pumping station, combined with the expansion of the below-ground storage reservoir, will ensure the community has adequate water supply as well as emergency fire protection storage for the next 20 years. The system is now commissioned and is providing potable drinking water to the Georgina Island First Nation community.