SBA was retained by the Town of Orangeville to complete the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, Detailed Design and Contract Administration for the Reconstruction of Roads and Services (water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water and sanitary services) on Matthew and McCarthy Streets. SBA completed the EA reconstruction project that will address aging surface and underground infrastructure to improve overall service (water, sanitary and storm) on Matthew and McCarthy Streets. The Reconstruction includes the replacement or repair of all utilities such as water main and water services, sanitary sewer and sanitary services, storm sewer on Matthew and McCarthy Streets and the replacement of the street lights and regulator traffic sign boards on Matthew Street. The construction also included a new sidewalk, storm sewer, catchbasins, subdrain, curb and gutter on Matthew Street and a new hydro duct bank on McCarthy Street. Given the 100 year plus age of many of the trees on these streets, SBA implemented a trenchless pipe burst for sanitary and directional drilling for water to minimize disturbance and to satisfy the street residents.