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Maple Lane – Grading Site Plan, Septic and Footings

Client Name:

Maple Lane Farm Services

Client Sector:

Private Sector

Service Sector:

Sewage Treatment, Collection & Disposal


May 2010 to June 2011


Mount Forest

Project Description: Grading Site Plan, Septic Design and Footings

S. Burnett & Associates Ltd. (SBA) had been retained to prepare  a stormwater grading site plan, a septic system design and a footing and pier design for the proposed pre-engineered building.  Upon preparation of a site plan, SBA provided a grading and drainage for stormwater model, making sure that the water quality and quantity remained acceptable.  Once the drainage plan was completed, SBA moved on to complete a septic system design to service the existing residential building, existing shop and the new pre-engineered building.  A pros and cons review was done, finally using individual septic tanks at each building and pumping effluent versus utilizing grinder pumps at each building and a centralized septic tank as the final septic design.  The final septic system design complied with the Ontario Building Code’s suggested flow rates.  SBA completed the calculations and design for the footings and piers.  A geotechnical soils report was coordinated, indicating what the soil bearing capacity of the soil in the area of the proposed building was.

SBA successfully completed this project in collaboration with Frey Building Contractors, Maple Lane Farm Services, government agencies and non-government agencies.