Client:  Highland Pines Campground
Project Description:  Swimming Pool Construction Project

Time Line:  January 2011 to Present
Project Manager: Stephen Burnett

Client Category: Private Sector
Service Category:  Building Services (Structural)

S. Burnett & Associates Ltd. (SBA) had been retained by Highland Pines Campground to prepare engineered drawings for the construction of a concrete swimming pool and pool equipment room for a campground located in Belwood, Ontario.  SBA worked with Don Vallery to finalize the pool shape and size before working to complete a full set of engineering drawings.  The drawings contained a pool layout design, an equipment room layout design, as well as all the necessary specifications for each layout.  SBA contacted the Township and prepared a building permit application for the pool and equipment room, working with the building department to answer any questions and assist with a timely permit process.  The health unit was also contacted to ensure compliance with the standards for a Class B Pool.  Throughout the construction process of the pool, SBA conducted many site visits, ensuring all materials and construction were up to standards.

SBA successfully completed this project in collaboration with Highland Pines Campground, government agencies and non-government agencies.

“SBA will provide engineering support to complete the Building Permit Application, any requirements that may be needed in conjunction with the application, complete structural design and review of the proposed pool and will provide engineering drawings.”