Client:  Linheath Holdings Ltd.
Project Description:  Lot Design and Grading Project

Time Line:  May 2011 to Present
Project Manager: Stephen Burnett

Client Category: Private Sector
Service Category:  Land Development

S. Burnett & Associates Ltd. (SBA) had been retained by Linheath Holdings Ltd. to prepare drainage, grading and servicing drawings as well as a stormwater management report for a site located in Orangeville, Ontario.  The report would support the Site Application for the proposed development of the site.

The project consisted of severing a piece of the existing site off to allow a new residential house to be built on the smaller portion while a multi-storey apartment building would be built where the existing house resided.  Stormwater management plans were necessary for both sites, one using mainly a swale for stormwater control and the other using a combination of a swale which drained into a dry pond.

SBA prepared a detailed report about the stormwater management for the site which included calculations of flow as well as design drawings of the layout of the dry pond.

There were a few constraints to the stormwater plan due to the site being bounded by other properties. The stormwater needed to be collected on site and drained offsite in a very restrictive manner so as not to interfere with the surrounding environment or cause problems for the neighbouring lots.

SBA successfully completed this project in collaboration with the Town of Orangeville, government agencies and non-government agencies.

Our focus for this project is to maintain the quality of the stormwater management, keeping in mind the constraints of the surrounding environment. We want to make the design as cost effective as possible while keeping the integrity of the surrounding environment in mind.