Client:  Little John Enterprises Ltd.
Project Description:  Proposal for Stage II Provincial Wood Supply Competitive Process

Time Line:  March 2010
Project Manager: Stephen Burnett

Client Category: Private Sector
Service Category:  Proposal Writing

S. Burnett and Associates Limited (SBA) was employed by Little John Enterprises (LJE) to completed a proposal for a Stage II Provincial Wood Supply Competitive Process.  LJE is a lumber mill in Timmins, Ontario.  When SBA got involved in the staged competition, LJE had already completed the first stage of the competition, a Request for Expression of Interest.

The primary purpose of the staged competition is to support new investment in Ontario through Wood Supply that would be used to create job opportunities in the value-added forest products sector and emerging bioeconomy, while continuing to support a strong primary manufacturing forest sector in Ontario.

Successful proponents selected will be provided an opportunity to enter into a Supply Agreement but may also be provided a Forest Resource Processing Facility License to authorize the construction or operation of their facility.

Within Ontario’s managed Crown forests there is wood supply that can be sustainably harvested but is not being used.  As a result of the implementation of proposals selected through this competitive process, new investment and job opportunities are expected to be created in forest-dependent and Aboriginal communities across Ontario.

SBA completed the Stage II Provincial Wood Supply Competitive Process in cooperation with LJE.

The launch of the Provincial Wood Supply Competitive Process will result in many key benefits, including new forest sector investment, sustainable jobs, Aboriginal opportunities, support for existing top-performers, emergence of new top-performers, value-added forest products and the development of Ontario’s bioeconomy.