Client:  Munsee Delaware Nation
Project Description:  Solar Panel Pre-Feasibility Study

Time Line:  June 2011 to Present
Project Manager:
  Stephen Burnett

Client Category: First Nation
Service Category:  Renewable Energy

S. Burnett & Associates (SBA) is currently undertaking a Pre-Feasibility Study for a Solar Farm for Munsee-Delaware First Nation. This First Nation community is located on the Thames River, west of St. Thomas, Ontario.  This Pre-Feasibility Study involves a background review of the community, performing a solar energy research analysis, performing an evaluation of the solar panel technology options, determining the infrastructure required, an assessment of the potential electricity revenue, an economic analysis, a high level risk assessment and a project evaluation. SBA reviewed and verified several assumptions and calculations used in the development and planning stages of the project and also determined the appropriate land base required for fixed and/or tracking solar panels. There are a total of two possible sites available, each one providing constraints on the maximum amount of solar photovoltaic panel layout and installation. One of SBA’s responsibilities shall be to determine the ultimate capacity of the solar farm facility.

SBA will ultimately recommend if the project should be advanced to a pre-design and detailed design stage at the conclusion of this study. Once finalized, the community should be able to leverage the results of the Pre-Feasibility Study to secure funding from the banks, investors and Federal Agencies.