Proposal Development and Grant Funding

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SBA has in-house resources to help locate and secure funding for your projects. Our staff will work with you on your behalf, to identify potential funding sources, build relationships with funders and manage the grant application process from start to finish. We have been very successful on this front with several of our clients benefitting from our funding application and proposal writing services. To date, SBA has secured grant funding in the amount of $64 million for our clients and are currently working with funding agencies that have committed up to another $35 million. Additional SBA clients have recently been approved for the final application stage on a further $40 million in grant funding. SBA will research, identify and evaluate possible sources of grant funding available for your project and will assist with any applications. With this in-house, we have become very proficient at identifying and pursuing funding opportunities.

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