The SBA Team: Versatile

S. Burnett & Associates Limited is an established consulting firm that has quickly built a record for delivering strong, seamless project management across a variety of sectors. We provide our clients with access to a large network of technical experts and consultants.  A cornerstone of SBA’s company philosophy is a belief in the importance of drawing on a diverse team of experts while still providing personal care to all of our clients.

We have found that the majority of issues encountered in municipal, commercial or residential engineering projects can be mitigated through open communication as well as having experienced and qualified project management throughout the process and having a strong on-site presence for the duration of the construction. More specifically, SBA has found that maintaining and promoting ongoing communication between project stakeholders, most notably the municipality, municipal engineer, the public, the contractor and subcontractors is one of the most important elements in ensuring the success of the project. It is also important that our field technicians and onsite supervisors maintain a constant flow of information with our office staff to ensure that our design team and project managers have the most up to date information on what is happening on site. It can be equally important to ensure members of the community and other stakeholders are included in the communication loop where warranted and appropriate. SBA is committed to applying these principals to all the projects we undertake.