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Township of Emo – Bridge and Culvert Inspection

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Township of Emo

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Building Services


June 2011 to Present


Township of Emo

Project Description: Bridge and Culvert Inspection

S. Burnett & Associates Limited (SBA) recently completed a Bridge Inspection for one bridge and eight culverts in the Township of Emo.  As a first step in the process, SBA completed an application for funding with Municipal DataWorks.  A site visit was completed to gather the required information based on the Ontario Structural Inspection requirements.  Every element of the bridge and culvert was inspected and all findings were reported.  Once the bridge and culverts were inspected, SBA input the data into the Municipal DataWorks database.  This allows the municipality to complete the next inspection, required every two years, at a lower cost, since all the fixed details are already inputted in an online system.  Once the data for all the structural elements were inputted, Municipal DataWorks provided a Bridge Condition Index (BCI) number, which allowed the municipality to determine and prioritize the specific maintenance and repairs that must be completed in the near future.  SBA also completed a report that provides a cost estimated for the repairs which need to be completed within the next year, next 5 years and the urgent repairs. This report also summarizes all the findings and provides pictures of all the elements.

SBA has also been working with the Township of the Emo to design a walking trail.   This design project involved gathering necessary information and data, as well as organizing a survey to be completed for the bridge locations.  Pre-engineered bridge design and soil analysis were gathered for all proposed bridge locations. SBA successfully completed all components of the Township of Emo project on time and within the pre-determined budget.